Residential Green Building Consulting

Your Healthy House helps create your healthy house, by working with you to determine your needs, goals, and priorities. Your Healthy House will discuss and address opportunities and challenges with plans and dreams and help keep you on a realistic track to ensure goals are achieved. 

For many people, creating a healthy house is the means to improved health. As a Building Biology Environmental Consultant, this is true for all people, not just those sensitive. We spend a great deal of time indoors, and only through creating healthy spaces, can we hope to see health improvements. Your house may be energy efficient or green, but if it is impacting your family's health, do those other details truly matter? We think not. 


Your Healthy House will help review plans and ideas, so that the opportunities are found before design, ideally, and definitely before purchasing materials. Understanding the variety of air quality and EMF concerns in our homes, allows you to make healthy choices for you and your family. From renovations and additions to new construction, Your Healthy House can help you find the most appropriate people and materials for your job.


Ensuring that the trades professionals working on your project understand and respect your needs and concerns can be a difficult challenge, on top of finding competent people. Your Healthy House has worked with various trades for clients with specific needs and expectations. These trades come with references and recommendations from previous clients and will help make your project come together with as little impact as possible on your lives.


Material selection can be very challenging in this world of marketing products. Everyone is trying to sell you something and they will make numerous claims to get you to buy it. But is it really healthy? Is it going to off-gas? Is it going to impact your family’s health, and make the air quality worse in your home or office? Will it break/fail within a year, shortly after the company has gone bankrupt? All of these concerns are real, and typically all we have to go by are some internet searches and an untrained teenager at the store. Your Healthy House understands the need for quality products that work, improve your home and don’t break the bank.


From embodied energy, life cycle costs, chemical content, energy efficiency and actually doing the job you need it to do, Your Healthy House can help you find exactly what you need without the hassle and frustration of countless web pages or sales people selling you something you don’t need. Your Healthy House does not sell any products. We just supply advice that works for you.

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