It was not only very informative having Stephen speak to our staff, but he made it entertaining by using jokes and scenarios, while we learned.  It was very worthwhile having Stephen, he is an expert in his field!

Shawn Barrett, owner Chem Dry of the Kawartha’s/Durham & York

Stephen Collette has been a featured speaker at our Sustainable Living Symposium in Belleville for 4 consecutive years. Stephens’s background in natural building and building design provide for a well rounded and practical perspective on healthy home design!  Each year Stephen presents an engaging and informative workshop that inspires our symposium participants to go home and make those cost effective changes for healthy happier living. We are very excited to have him back by popular demand for our 5th Annual Sustainable Living Symposium in March of 2010!

Maya Navrot, Sustainable Living Symposium Planning Committee

The course you provided was very informative and universal to all of the participants who had different levels of knowledge on building science.  The advantage was working and conversing with those folks that had linked backgrounds to the material you were instructing.  I feel more confident with the concept of a 'house as a system' and that concept is essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy house.

Thanks again for providing that course to us.  I personally found it extremely useful and I especially loved the 'geek-out' parts of your presentation! 


"Thanks very much for the excellent 4 days including practical tips, in depth explanations, clear descriptions and examples in pictorial form both projected on the screen and in books.  An overall very fine effort indeed."

 - C. W.

"Best workshop that I've attended; intimate and informative and much appreciated and so important! Having the workshop at a place where people can/will stay over-night really boosts the connections and community of participants. People share with each other so much more than the workshop info and it allows for expansion of those ideas."

- R. B.

"So grateful for satisfying my thirst of integrating health with building... like taking a long drink after being in the desert for too long!"

- I.C.


Stephen Collette was very personable, professional and thorough in assessing my house for all environmental issues, both energy- and especially health- related.  He found some totally unexpected problems the solutions to which have already made a great difference in the air quality of my home and in my wellness.  He informed me about immediate concerns and some longer term ideas including the expenses involved.  His solutions were often simple and practical.  It is great to have someone who if truly knowledgeable and is not trying to sell me 'his product'.  Finally, Stephen is also willing to respond to any future queries I have re: choices for my house - I'm no longer on my own trying to sift through the possibilities!  Thanks Stephen.

Brenda Peck



I just wanted to write and thank you for taking time to be a guest on a talk show discussing healthier options for home renovations and also for responding promptly to your emails when questions arose.

My home has been given a new life and I am not sicker as a result of having had the benefit of you sharing your knowledge and time. Our painter used Murco M-100 plaster for chemically sensitive people as well as Mythic Paint. 

Since I spend a great deal of time at home as a result of my disability, it is a real joy to be viewing some new colors.

Thanks so much.

Lyla Caton




Just a short note to say hello and to tell you again how much my health has improved since removing the molds and chemicals from our house.  This is the first year in nearly 10 years that I have not had a major health problem with sinus pain so terrible I could hardly stand it some days.  I have decided not to have the chemical sensitivity test in Toronto.  Since my health has improved so much it would seem to me that it would not only waste their time, but my time and my doctor’s time as well.  We have removed the chemicals recommended in your report and I have also my sense of taste & smell about 90% returned.  I am SO appreciative of how you have helped me Stephen.

I can't thank you enough.

Best regards

Linda Moors 


Stephen Collette's knowledge of houses and harmful chemicals is impressive, and his inspection of my house (and car) was exceptionally thorough and detailed. His report provided innovative solutions to the house's problems, solid recommendations and clear priorities. In addition, he has been very helpful finding sources for the specialized products I need.

"Thanks to Stephen, I'm enjoying better health and fewer chemical sensitivity symptoms -- and I'm deeply grateful for that."

        --- Pamela Stagg, Prince Edward County



  It's been a very short while since you were here, maybe a few weeks and Paul and I, Matthew and our Christopher, in spirit, want to Thank You so much. 

  We felt our move to Cobourg has been so overshadowed by Chris' death that we struggled with our decision that maybe we hadn't made the right move and invested our life savings into a home but rather a place that contributed to Chris' death.  At the least, it has cost us financially, so much just to get this house heated & dry and emotionally we have never breathed a sigh of relief since Chris passed away. 

   Until now.  With your help and direction, we are chemical cleaner free, our basement leaks have been fixed and this all is leaving Paul and I with enthusiasm that has been out of our reach for almost 2 years.  Thank You for helping our family to turn the corner and start again with confidence and hope for better days to come.

  You are doing a great service and I only hope you have the greatest success for your future and ultimately your own personal reward.

  Sincerely, from our heart to yours,

Paul, Christy, Matthew and forever Christopher.


I just bought this, my first house, at the end of November, and the house inspection that was done on it by someone else for the vendor turned out to be useless -the furnace needed replacing within 3 weeks of the purchase and it wasn't listed on the inspection.  BUT, the inspection that Stephen did was very useful. 

I bought this house on my own and I know very little about houses.  Stephen came over and spent several hours first asking me about any symptoms I was having, and then he took me around my house, inside and out, to look for areas that needed work, to eliminate or reduce the potential for allergens to build up.  It was a most informative session.  He took pictures down my air ducts and under my sinks.  He educated me about my house as he assessed it.  He took me up into my attic, he assessed for moisture, he made recommendations about the new furnace I was purchasing. 

A week later, as promised, I received a hand-delivered spiral-bound report about my house, with pictures.  He indicated areas that needed work, and made suggestions for how to complete the work.  Most of the suggestions were simple and inexpensive (ie. insulating the vent pipe with bubble wrap).  Some of the suggestions were helpful for future planning (ie. when I replace the roof, I will change some of the ventilation). 

Stephen was very professional and personable.  Since I have just moved to the Peterborough area, he provided me with a list of contacts for getting the work done.  He also provided me with reference materials and website addresses for more information. 

I would highly recommend Stephen for anyone wanting to know the effects of their home on their health.  He is very knowledgeable, thorough, and prompt.  I was very happy with the work he did for me and felt the value was worth the price he charges.  My workplace is planning to move in the next several months, and we plan to use Stephen to assess our new space for air quality prior to signing a lease.


Stephen:  as an informed consumer having worked in the remediation industry, I am humbled by the extent of items you have identified in my own home and very impressed with the thoroughness of your approach, both in knowledge and technology to arrive at your recommendations.  Having benefited from your expert assistance,  I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to my clients.

© Stephen Collette 2016