Building Biology New-build Consultants

Healthy House

Myself, along with Paula Baker-Laporte of EcoNest, working with the International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology created the newest certification stream for Building Biologists with the Building Biology New-build Consultants (BBNC).

This program will equip you with the comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the vitally unique Building Biology-based, state-of-the-art, scientific methods and practices for designing, building/renovating, and equipping (furnishings and finishes) a dwelling for living and/or working that supports human health and wellness. Your learning will include protocols for vetting materials that convey into a completed structure toxic contributors that adversely affect (due to their manufacturing methods and content) human health, and for identifying and specifying construction processes that do not implement nor exacerbate such harmful threats and effects upon the structure’s occupants. This program also examines the potential and value of Building Biology principles on the larger community/city planning level.

We have had builders, architects, interior designers, property developers, property managers, real estate agents, and people wanting to build their own healthy house take the first courses last December. We are proud to announce that our first certified graduates have completed all of the courses and final project to earn the certification!

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