On behalf of Richard Kadulski and myself, I am very pleased to announce that the Solplan Reviews are officially digitized and online now for all!!! You can find the entire 30 years of issues, all 179 of them here: https://archive.org/details/solplan-review

I am hoping that with the situation we are all in, that a little good news could really go a long way right now. I think everyone who may be stuck at home could benefit from being able to spend time learning and reading about the amazing things the Canadian building industry (builders, designers, researchers, gov’t, manufacturers, etc) has done over the last few decades. Much of the knowledge in these magazines is evergreen and very much worth people’s time reviewing. I know I learned a tremendous amount while digitizing and uploading all of these issues. It was a labour of love, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have spent time with these national treasures.

Please share this with everyone you know on your mailing lists, please. Let us spread the word that Richard’s amazing work is still available right now to enjoy!

This is the press release:

Digitized Solplan Review Magazine Now Available to the World

Canada’s long-standing building science magazine’s issues are now all online

For 30 years Solplan Review, the independent journal of energy conservation, building science and construction practice, was Canada’s foremost place to learn about the residential construction industry and the research, innovations, and leaps forward that was occurring in Canada.

Solplan Review, created and published by Richard Kadulski since 1985 ceased publication in 2015. It has been digitized by Stephen Collette and all 179 issues are now available online at Internet Archive. https://archive.org/details/solplan-review

Richard Kadulski, an architect from North Vancouver, curated the residential construction industry’s information from builders, the Canadian Home Builders Association, researchers – including Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the National Research Council, Natural Resources Canada, and universities and colleges across the country; as well as manufacturers. It showcased the latest research, new products and new design ideas for our demanding Canadian climates.

Solplan Review was a paper magazine published every two months for 3 decades. It was the means by which the residential construction industry stayed informed in the days before the internet and in between the occasional conference. The magazine helped highlight the great research and demonstration work being done coast to coast. The latest information was presented in a manner that was accessible to all. Each issue generally highlighted a topic and Richard would dive into it with his expertise and knowledge to help explain newer concepts for his readers. Richard’s editorials would often force our industry to look back at ourselves and reflect on our actions and directions. Never one to shy away from sensitive topics, he helped keep our industry honest and aware that we can always improve.

Stephen Collette of Your Healthy House undertook the digitization of all 179 issues with the support of Andy Oding of Building Knowledge, and Chris Timusk of George Brown College. The digitized issues are now available at Internet Archive https://archive.org/details/solplan-review in their own collection called Solplan Review. The material is searchable by date, issue, topic and are available in 11 different formats. Within each issue, users can also carry out word searches.

“Solplan Review was how I learned about the great work Canadians were doing in residential building science in Canada. These magazines started me on my own journey to become part of the industry as a building scientist and environmental consultant. Digitizing these magazines was a great opportunity to see the overwhelming amount of information available as a collection that these magazines contain.” Stephen Collette

“I’m proud to have had an opportunity to help Canadian building industry as it evolved to deliver the most energy-efficient healthy homes in the world that became models for other countries. Solplan Review was unique in Canada – it translated research findings and the latest developments into jargon that the average builder, designer, architect or building official could understand and put into practice.” Richard Kadulski

For more information contact

Stephen Collette 705-652-5159, stephen@yourhealthyhouse.ca

Richard Kadulski, kadulski@direct.ca