This episode is a little different than normal. I had the deep pleasure to interview a pioneer in Canadian building science, Mr. Harold Orr. I got to meet Harold through a colleague and friend, Angie Bugg, who you will also hear on the episode, as well as Harold’s wonderful wife, Mary.

The quality isn’t great, as this was recorded on my iPhone, but for those nerds out there who love building science history, this is awesome. For those who are not that type of nerd, don’t worry, I’ll have a regular episode up and running to you shortly.

Here is Harold Orr’s bio from the Order of Canada:
Harold Orr’s efforts have been integral to improving energy efficiency and conservation in Canadian homes. As a housing engineer with the National Research Council, he was a key driver of the Saskatchewan Conservation House project, which led to the establishment of new national energy conservation protocols for Canadian buildings. His innovations, which include new insulation techniques and materials, air sealing and efficient ventilation, blower-door testing and heat recycling, serve as worldwide models for energy-efficient housing.

Sorry, there is no transcript for this episode, as the quality of the AI translation was so bad, due to the quality of the recording that I couldn’t translate 2 hours of gibberish.