Helmut Ziehe’s Library

Healthy House

Helmut Ziehe was the founder of the Building Biology Institute in North America over 30 years ago. When he passed away in 2013 he left a legacy of students across North America and beyond, an Institute that has grown since his initial vision and a web of connected, caring people, including Susannah Ziehe, his widow. He also left a large collection of books on healthy, natural buildings; how to design them, how to build them, and how to maintain them. I am very grateful that I was able to acquire Helmut’s collection of books from Susannah, with the express goal of sharing them with the greater Building Biology community.

I have done just that by sharing all of the titles of the collection, and my own together on Library Thing, an online catalogue, showing the world my books. So for those interested in health, natural building books, click on the link and enjoy. Remember to thank Susannah and Helmut for making this happen as you browse.