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Here is the transcript:

Stephen: Welcome to Your Healthy House. I’m Stephen Collette


Stephen: In this podcast, I explore your indoor environmental quality concerns and opportunities. We look at the facts and debunk the fiction. We will discuss examples you can relate to and the doable actions you can take in your own home or apartment. We will also look at the history of how our homes are, the way they are and the future of healthy housing for everyone. I promise to make this fun and interesting for both of us.


Stephen: How do we create your healthy house? Well, we definitely don’t start with fear-mongering. There’s probably lots of other podcasts or horror shows you can listen to and get all scared and freaked out. That’s not helpful. That’s not what this podcast is about. I’m here to educate you and hopefully entertain you. At the same time, I want you to understand how your house works, how your house could be failing, and how those failures could impact you and your family’s health, and then we need to talk about the solutions so that you can create your own healthy house. Without the knowledge, without the understanding and the background, you’re not empowered and that’s not helping. So I promise you’ll learn more about your house than you ever thought possible. You’ll laugh more at the foibles and silliness that we’ve done over the years to our homes, and you’ll come away with tips and tricks that you can apply right after you’ve listened to this podcast. Join me in this journey towards your healthy house.


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