Stephen is an expert and it shows. There is such a range of knowledge levels in the course that speaking intelligently and understandably to the entire group is a challenge, yet he skillfully navigated it.

Your ability to produce materials and then communicate this in a way that helps people from all backgrounds to understand is truly exceptional. I would put you at the top of the list for being an amazing and gifted teacher.

Thank you very much.  The results are warm and beautiful and significant.  We are looking forward to the future cost savings with these upgrades.

Thank you, thank you, for all your kind attention to detail and for helping us continue the journey of upgrading our old building to modern sensibilities. We are deeply appreciative of the work that you are doing.

My home has been given a new life and I am not sicker as a result of having had the benefit of you sharing your knowledge and time.

Just a short note to tell you again how much my health has improved since removing the molds and chemicals from our house recommended in your report. I have my sense of taste & smell about 90% returned.  I am SO appreciative of how you have helped me Stephen.