Seminar: Indoor Environmental Quality – 2021

July 12 2021 - Online

Bau-Biologie, or Building Biology®, is a specialized branch of Building Science with human health as the central focus. This 5-day seminar explores the interrelationships between human health, the built environment and planetary ecology. Attendees will learn about the interaction between air, moisture, toxins and humans within a built environment, and the uniquely holistic Building Biology approach to the built world. Students will learn to apply Building Biology criteria to evaluate these exposures within the built environment and how to reduce exposure and improve indoor environmental health through a better understanding of the science of Building Biology. Additionally, students will learn about how to inspect and consult for these indoor contaminants and their health impact upon occupants following Building Biology approaches. Finally, the students will explore healthier solutions that can be implemented in residential buildings to improve indoor environmental quality. The instructors are experienced Building Biology Environmental Consultants whose combined experience spans almost 3 decades.

Topics include:

  • Introduction
  • Building Biology principals and philosophy
  • The Human Body – pathways of concern
  • Brief overview of Building Science
  • Indoor Climate
  • Biological, Chemical and Particulate exposures by air
  • Biological, Chemical and Particulate exposures from the ground
  • Biological, Chemical and Particulate exposure from water