Green Design

Green for the Planet, Green for your Pocket

We need to choose better building materials that don’t impact the planet and our carbon footprint. We need more durable materials that are resilient and perform above average. We need competent trades to install and maintain these materials and equipment. Choosing the right materials and teams requires an expert. We can help.

Green Construction

Eco Friendly Building Materials

Building materials that are healthy for you are healthy for the planet. We also need high performing materials that stand up to the changes in climate and our needs for comfort. The materials are available, and we need to choose the right ones.

Low Carbon Building Materials

These are also called low embodied carbon building materials and these are materials that leave a smaller carbon footprint on the earth even before getting installed in your building. These materials can be durable, beautiful and cost effective.

Eco Friendly Homes

These homes are built with the people inside and the planet outside in mind. You may have a great design, but you need the materials and the professionals to make that design come to life. We can make those connections.


Let us help with your Green Construction

Green, and eco-friendly construction are both buzzwords. You don’t need the words, you need the facts and the right choices for your home and how you use it. Cutting through the greenwash and getting to the details ensures your project is realistic, has building materials that work, professionals who stand behind their work, and it performs as expected.

  • Straw bale construction
  • Natural building
  • Clay plasters
  • Natural paints
  • Low VOC finishes
  • Energy Star
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Durable construction
  • Resilient construction
  • Net zero homes
  • Passive house strategies
  • LEED construction
  • Low energy homes


Our Consulting Services

If you have a specific focus, click one of the buttons below for details on that inspection. If you have an indoor air quality concern that isn’t mentioned here, then please get in touch, as we’ve probably tested or inspected for it over the last 16+ years.
Sustainable Homes

Sustainable Homes

Better design knowledge produces better buildings

Heritage Homes

Heritage Homes

Improve the performance while highlighting the beauty of your home

EMF Protection

EMF Protection

Create safer spaces through design and material choices

General Questions

No two projects are remotely the same. We tailor our services and teams to meet your project goals and budget, providing the highest level of service in the most efficient manner.

What is green construction?

Green construction ensures that your designs and visions are delivered by your builder. This can be through education and consulting on approaches or materials.

What are low carbon buildings and materials?

Embodied energy, or embodied carbon is the energy required to harvest, mine, transport, manufacture, process, package, ship, and deliver to your doorstep. The lower the embodied carbon, the lower your energy input into the building construction.

What is more important healthy building materials or low embodied energy?

That depends on your priorities and what is important. Both, and any other criteria are valuable elements to consider in your project. Where you ends up depends on your values and what you know. We can help explaining those issues.

Do you want a healthy and sustainable house?

We can work together with you on site and virtually