Heritage House

Recognize the Heritage, Improve Its Future

A heritage home is one that has historical, cultural, aesthetic or ecological value to those living in it, or around it. If you love the look, feel and character of your building, the it is a heritage home. Heritage buildings are inherently eco-friendly. The greenest building is the one standing.

Heritage Homes

Heritage Home

You love your home and so do we. Upgrades are needed, and the details that drew you to the home originally need to be protected while improvements are made to bring it into the 21st century. Finding the balance is critical; that’s where we can help.

Heritage Building

Finding the right materials to update the building, solutions to improve the performance, and professionals to do the work takes care and planning. Missing a piece of the puzzle can lead to loss of irreplaceable features. We build on your home’s greatness.

Heritage Houses

Whether your home is designated or not, or if you are in a neighbourhood of similar homes, or a rural property, you have constraints. Working within those limits is part of this profession, and why using an expert to help guide you can lead to achieving your goals.


Let us help create your sustainable heritage home

Approximately 80% of the buildings in 2050 are standing today. That means your home will most likely be standing by the time we are net zero energy for all of our buildings. Taking steps now to improve your building, for usability, functionality, durability, resilience and sustainability, is something you can do, in big or small steps. Maintaining the heritage value while improving it, ensures that value is passed on for generations to come.

There is no single definition of a heritage home. All of these are heritage homes:

  • Century homes
  • Traditional homes
  • Art deco homes
  • Craftsman bungalows
  • Colonial
  • Manufactured homes
  • Second Empire
  • Renaissance Revival
  • Balloon frame
  • Queen Anne
  • Tudor
  • Prairie
  • International style
  • Ranch
  • Post War Housing


Our Consulting Services

If you have a specific focus, click one of the buttons below for details on that inspection. If you have an indoor air quality concern that isn’t mentioned here, then please get in touch, as we’ve probably tested or inspected for it over the last 16+ years.
Sustainable Homes

Sustainable Homes

Better design knowledge produces better buildings

Green Construction

Green Construction

Choose the right materials and construct a better space

EMF Protection

EMF Protection

Create safer spaces through design and material choices

General Questions

No two projects are remotely the same. We tailor our services and teams to meet your project goals and budget, providing the highest level of service in the most efficient manner.

My building is old, but not heritage. Can you still help?

Heritage buildings are any building that is not new that someone finds value in. You find value in your building, otherwise you wouldn’t be there and want to make it better. We can help with that.

Isn’t it cheaper to knock down an old building and build a super energy efficient one instead?

Research again and again has shown that it is much better for the planet and your pocket book to fix up your existing building.

How does consulting work?

We have an initial conversation and get a sense of each other. We discuss your goals and what solutions Your Healthy House can bring to your project. If it seems like a fit, we figure out how best we can help and set a scope of work that is typically charged by the hour. Larger scopes of work are priced by the job.

Do you want a healthy and sustainable house?

We can work together with you on site and virtually