Building Science Training

It’s time to learn about the building you live in

We have been teaching, speaking, and lecturing across North America for over 15 years. Health care professionals, building professionals, heritage professionals, housing corporations to local mom’s groups. There is no difference, we all live in homes and want the best for our family. We provide engaging, entertaining and educational talks for everyone.

Building Science Courses

Building Biology Training

Stephen is a Building Biologist and one of the lead instructors at the Building Biology Institute where he has created and delivers virtually, and in-person seminars on Indoor Air Quality, Indoor Environmental Quality for Builders & Designers; and Building Physics with Paula Baker-Laporte.

Building Science Training

Stephen has presented on sustainability in the built environment at national industry conferences, and has worked with national level brands on sustainability of their product lines. Stephen has helped corporations embrace and engage their sustainability goals as well. Through great training, great results are possible.

Heritage Building Training

Stephen has presented at National conference, provincial conferences and to local heritage professional groups on sustainable heritage and how to incorporate it. Stephen has also worked with National and regional Faith Communities to help take their expansive building stock and create sustainable and energy efficiency plans for their buildings.


Learning leads to empowerment

Whether talking to 10 people or 100, when people can relate the knowledge being shared to their own lives, they can become empowered to take action. Talking with people, and not at them, is a talent not all trainers have. Stephen brings a warm, humorous personality that makes learning fun and engaging. Whether talking about making your own cleaning products to rolling out national energy efficiency program, Stephen can connect with you and your team to help educate you to the next level.

The list of training courses:

  • Builder training courses
  • Architect training courses
  • Interior designer training courses
  • Natural building training courses
  • Green Building training courses
  • Building Science training courses
  • Building Biology training courses
  • Energy efficiency training courses
  • Heritage building training courses
  • Property managers training courses
  • Building officials training courses
  • Community housing training courses
  • Co-operative housing training courses
Building Science Courses

Building Biology is the joyful holistic science you’ll embrace on designing, building, remediating health-supporting structures in harmony with planetary ecology. Stephen is an instructor at the Institute.

Building Science Courses

Common Earth creates a learning journey helping people develop their ability to see interconnections, recognize their inherent agency and resiliency, and form a post-carbon caring society. Stephen is a facilitator with the organization.

General Questions

No two projects are remotely the same. We tailor our services and teams to meet your project goals and budget, providing the highest level of service in the most efficient manner.

We want to learn more about buildings, but are not technical. Can you still talk to us?

Yes, definitely. Working with homeowners and teaching in seminars has helped Stephen be able to connect with, and empower anyone, of any background, and have a few laughs while doing it.

Do you create slides for your talks?

Slides can be created, depending on the length of the talk and the specifics of it. Oftentimes it is more engaging and powerful to talk directly to people and connect than to talk to pre-created slides. That said, both options work and are available.

Can I get continuing education credits from one of your talks?

If you give me the details of your credential needs, we can set it up so credits can be earned.

Do you want a healthy and sustainable house?

We can work together with you on site and virtually