EMF Consultant

Understand the invisible, shield the fields

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) surround us in our modern lives. They bring information to our fingertips wherever we are. Unfortunately, they also bring high frequencies that our bodies were not designed to be exposed to 24 hours a day. Reduce the exposure in your home by reducing the fields and improving health.

EMF Protection

EMF Home Testing

The risks are real, but the fields are invisible. Measurement of the various exposures can help to create a path to reducing the fields in your home. You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Start with an expert.

EMF Protection for Homes

We focus on reducing the sources within the home from wiring errors, and appliances. After that, reducing the EMF fields that come into the home through design and material strategies follow second. Logical steps lead to reduced exposures.

EMF solutions in Canada

Canadian electrical codes vary from other countries. Understanding the house wiring, and the EMF exposures from Canadian sources outside of your home is critical to providing the solutions to these concerns. Rely on an expert.


Let us help you lower your EMF exposure at home

We bring the training and the knowledge of how to lower EMF exposures in your home to you. With this experience we can work with you to find the solution that fits your need and budget to lower your family’s daily exposure to EMF. There are solutions for your concerns.

  • AC electric fields
  • AC magnetic fields
  • DC magnetic fields
  • DC electric fields
  • Dirty electricity
  • High frequency fields
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Smart meters
  • Wifi
  • Routers
  • Shielding


Our Consulting Services

If you have a specific focus, click one of the buttons below for details on that inspection. If you have an indoor air quality concern that isn’t mentioned here, then please get in touch, as we’ve probably tested or inspected for it over the last 16+ years.
Sustainable Homes

Sustainable Homes

Better design knowledge produces better buildings

Heritage Homes

Heritage Homes

Improve the performance while highlighting the beauty of your home

Green Construction

Green Construction

Choose the right materials and construct a better space

General Questions

No two projects are remotely the same. We tailor our services and teams to meet your project goals and budget, providing the highest level of service in the most efficient manner.

What is EMF protection consulting?

If you are concerned about, or have sensitivities to EMFs we can help determine scopes of work to minimize those elements. We don’t carry out the work, but act as a consultant to ensure your build team understands the materials and processes.

Is EMF just a high frequency issue, like cell phones?

No, actually EMFs can be a concern at low frequencies found in our building wiring. These fields are very close to us in our daily lives and can impacts on our health. With a good plan, these can be reduced in your building, minimizing your daily exposure.

Is it possible to lower EMF exposures in a new home with all of our gadgets?

Yes it is possible. There needs to be design and construction strategies to lower exposures. Of course you have to take control of your devices and usage approach as well to improve things. We can help with both.

Do you want a healthy and sustainable house?

We can work together with you on site and virtually